First and foremost, you can expect to be treated with caring, understanding and compassion. We understand that life is unpredictable, and you will find no judgement at FreshstartBC.  When you come to our office for a free consultation, we will sit down with you and go over your situation.  Every person is unique, and this session allows us to work with you to understand your financial situation.  You can expect to spend around 45 minutes here, and when you leave you will have a good understanding of what your available financial options are.

Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy Victoria BC
Customer service is what we pride ourselves in at the office at 104 – 732 Cormorant St

In order to make sure your consultation is as accurate and efficient as possible, there are some items you can bring with you (if applicable):

  • Recent creditor statements
  • Recent mortgage statement
  • Recent bank statement
  • Copy of the last tax return filed by you
  • Valuations of any vehicles you may own
  • RRSP, RESP, TFSA, bonds, stocks, pensions, cryptocurrency or any other marketable securities statements owned by you
  • Any documents relating to legal actions you are involved in (i.e. writs, judgements, garnishments, wage assignments, etc.)
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of expenses (i.e. child care, child support, spousal support, prescriptions, etc.)
Consumer Proposal and Bankruptcy Victoria BC
A Free 45 minute consultation could be all you need in order to get your FreshStart!

This information will help paint a clearer picture of your situation.   We will use this information, during the consultation, to provide you various financial options, which would include a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy.  Although gathering this information and having a consultation can be an intimidating process, most people often find this first step can provide a major financial relief.   Understanding your financial options and having a plan moving forward can be a great way to manage your stress. After your consultation here at FreshstartBC, you will leave knowing what financial options are available, and how to move your life forward!