Reviews and Testimonials

“Doug and staff were amazing: courteous, professional, quick to reply to queries, and most of all – effective. I paid off my student loans and some old self-employment corporate tax debt using a consumer proposal that Freshstartbc helped me negotiate. They helped me close an unhappy (financial) chapter of my life, pay off creditors instead of endless paying of interest, and restart anew.”

Cory B

“The whole team is great to deal with. It was a very stressful time going through debt and Freshstartbc
helped me every step of the way without judgement. That was huge for me. They were always able to
help when I called for a balance or wanted to change my monthly payment. Thank you so much Doug
Lee and Associates – couldn’t have done this without you!”

Katherine B

“I would like to say thank you to everyone at Freshstartbc for their guidance and support over the last year
in dealing with the financial issues for my mother. As a financial professional, if the occasion was ever
needed, I would recommend my clients to seek the services of Doug and the great team there.”

Grant S

“For me it was the second time seeking their services. There were no judgments. Everything was handled
in a professional manner. Now that they do preauthorized debit, payments are easy and painless. I called
a couple of times to get balances without issue. I even have paid my account early. Would easily
recommend to anyone who is in need of a FRESH START!!
Thank you for everything!!”

Gary M

“Nobody feels great about admitting they need help with their debt. But Doug’s team was professional to
work with. I never felt judged, and they were quick and helpful with all responses. So excited to be
starting 2021 with a fresh start.”

Michelle M

“I did my bankruptcy with Doug Lee and Associates, and they were very professional and extremely
knowledgeable in all things regarding consumer proposals and bankruptcy. They helped me get through
this difficult part of my life and am now out of bankruptcy thanks too their support. I highly recommend this
business if you are trying to find a way out of never-ending debt.”

Joseph S

“I went to Fresh Start at a time when I felt like I had nowhere to turn. I was mortified but I was immediately
put at ease, without judgment.
The relief of being debt free is wonderful. I am beyond thankful to Doug and his team for being there for
me. I recommend Freshstartbc to anyone going through financial struggles.”

Linda H

“The whole team at Doug Lee & Associates/Fresh Start were so helpful, kind and professional. They
helped us through a stressful time in our lives. They were non-judgmental in their approach and very
supportive in guiding us.
Fresh Start couldn’t be more appropriately named.
Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to the team.”

Kathy P

“I am so thankful for the opportunity to have exactly what the name says…a fresh start! Staff were always
quick, informative, encouraging and very friendly. Thank you for the opportunity to move forward with my
life with positive steps forward!”

Tom H