Today’s post is all about students. In particular, we want students to take advantage of their student card. We’re going to show you some of the discounts you are eligible for. Student years can be difficult to budget for, so you might as well take advantage of any discounts you can while going through it!

Student Card Discounts

Summer brings the opportunity to travel for many students. We have two deals that could help you save some cash this summer when you want to get out there:

Student Card Discounts

The Via Rail pass runs all summer long. It allows students to travel as much as they want across the country, for $600. Riding the rails across this great country is a unique way to travel, and this pass allows a student to travel as much as they can before August 31, 2019.

The student standby special with Harbour Air is great for those who have a bit of time to wait at the terminal for a flight (One way flight between Victoria and Vancouver is $107). This is a great way to save a large chunk of cash, and Harbour Air simply asks you present your student ID at the counter.

If you’re not travelling much (or in between travel at home here in Victoria), there are some great shops in town that offer student discounts as well:

  • Capital Iron (15% off regular priced items)
  • Boulder House ($5 off membership fee)
  • Popeye’s Supplements (10% off, must have UVIC or Camosun ID)
  • Mother Nature’s Market (5% off every Tuesday)
  • Bulk Barn (10% off every Wednesday)
  • FedEx (20%-30% off)

Capital Iron is one fun place to shop with everything you may need. This super friendly store is always happy to accept your student card and help you save a few bucks!

Boulder House is a large climbing facility here in Victoria where you can have fun and keep fit. Keeping fit may involve using supplements for some of us, and Popeye’s Supplements will also give you a discount (provided you’re a student of UVIC or Camosun).

Student Card Discounts

We all need to eat, and most of us do our best to eat well. Mother Nature’s Market carries all kinds of healthy organic food. It can be a bit pricier, so saving 5% on Tuesday’s can help with that bill. You can keep saving on your food bill, as the week progresses, by heading over to Bulk Barn on Wednesday’s, as they will offer you 10% off.

Finally, if you need to courier something off to mom and dad, perhaps FedEx will be your best bet. Showing them your student card at the counter will get you 20%-30% off. If you have to ship, you might as well save, and FedEx offers up great student savings.

Of course, not all shopping is done in person. Thankfully, your student card can get you discounts online with these companies as well:

  • Apple (Discounts will vary depending on products)
  • Microsoft (Various deals, and access to Office 365 for free)
  • Adobe (60% off Adobe Creative Cloud monthly subscription)
  • Amazon Prime (50% off Prime)
  • Spotify (50% off Premium)
Student Card Discounts

Apple is everywhere, and if you find yourself needing an Apple product, your student ID is a great way to score a small discount. Your student ID also gets you deals with Microsoft, and the inclusion of Office 365 means you don’t need to worry about buying any of that software while going through school. As well, Adobe Creative Cloud lets you do some pretty cool things. At 60% off the regular price, you can have access to this great program as long as you have your student card.

Amazon Prime can be quite convenient. They offer fast shipping on many products, as well as access to Prime Video (a video streaming service), and Twitch Prime (a social video platform community for gamers). Perhaps you’re not interested in video, but you love music. Use your student card and score a 50% off rate on Spotify Premium. Both of these discounts are half price with your student ID, so if you use them at all, this is an easy way to save some cash.

If you are a student looking for student card discounts, we think these 13 deals are a great place to start. Did we miss a student discount you love? Or maybe you know other tricks to saving money that your fellow students could benefit from? Send them to us! We love to hear and share your awesome money saving tips with our great community.