Monthly costs of transportation

Today, we have this informative infographic about the monthly costs of transportation in Victoria. We always knew owning a new vehicle is expensive, but the breakdown is a great illustration of just how expensive it is! Continue reading below for any price breakdowns:

The car costs come from this handy calculator provided by CAA. It allows you to calculate yearly vehicle costs for new and used vehicles (you can choose exact models or model types). For the above calculations, see the bottom of this post, which shows all the data that was entered for these calculations.

Car share cost is based on a Modo Monthly membership. $376 includes a weekly grocery trip (2.5 hour, 15 km booking in a daily drive vehicle, 4 trips total per month) and a bi-weekly fun trip (8 hours, 240 km booking in a large and loadable vehicle, 2 trips total per month).

New personal bicycle costs are based on purchasing a bicycle and proper riding gear. $800 for riding gear (summer and winter), $400 for a bicycle, $300 for tuneups (2-3 per year are usually required for daily riding).

Bus pass costs based on Victoria Public Transit rates. $85 for monthly pass.

Bike share costs based on UBicycle. $150 for annual membership. This cost needs to be paid at once, so the $12.50 posted above is just the average over the year.

What do you think of the monthly costs of transportation here in Victoria? Transportation is a major expense we all face. We can see just how much more expensive it can be to own a vehicle. So, how do you save money getting around? Do you have any tips and tricks we haven’t mentioned here? We would love to know how you get yourself around town affordably! If you’ve been stressing about your financial situation, contact us for a free consultation. It might only be 45 minutes

  • New Truck – Generic Truck – 10,000 km annually, 60/40 City vs Highway, $1.25L for gas
  • New Car – Generic Compact – 10,000 km annually, 60/40 City vs Highway, $1.25L for gas
  • Used Car – 2014 Toyota Corolla LE 4D Sedan – 100,000 km starting odometer, 60/40 City vs Highway, $1.25L for gas
  • Used Truck – 2014 Ford F-150 XL Reg Cab LWB 2WD – 100,000 km starting odometer, 60/40 City vs Highway, $1.25L for gas